About Me

Pal of the Paw

About Me: I first started walking dogs in 1996 in San Francisco when there were just a few of us around.  I ran my business there for eight years and decided it was time for a change and I needed a break.  I moved to Maui to start a kennel, but after a few years I had to leave to take care of my ailing parents in Las Vegas. Now I’m back for good.  I really missed the Bay Area and all the different breeds here, so I decided to come back and do what I love. I was wondering when I’d ever see an Alaskan Malamute, or a Great Pyrenees again?  It’s too hot for them there. Many people wonder how I could leave paradise to move back here. Well, there wasn’t a big demand for a kennel or Dog Walking on Maui and if I couldn’t do what I love, well then, I’m not in “paradise”.  To me, doing what you love and being loved (by the dogs) for what you do, is paradise!